What Is Windows Setup Remediation (KB4023057)


Windows Setup Remediations updates the Windows servicing stack. It will appear in the list of installed apps that you can access via the settings, and you can also download it directly from Windows. If you look at the install date, it’s likely that it was done recently.

The fact that it isn’t mentioned in the Windows update catalogue indicates that you mistook it for a virus or Trojan horse. Furthermore, the vendor refers to it as Unavailable, making it a highly questionable upgrade.

It also has a disc cleanup function in addition to managing Windows update functions including freeing up disc space, ensuring your computer is awake for updates, and correcting faulty Windows updates.


When an unexpected application appears in your installed apps list, it’s usually a red flag. After a wave of Windows upgrades, a software called Windows Setup Remediations (KB4023057) surfaced in users’ lists. Is it a potential danger? Is it safe to get rid of it? Let’s get this party started.

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What Is KB4023057 (Windows Setup Remediation)?

There is no need to be concerned if you are concerned about the Windows Setup Remediation update (KB4023057). There’s little doubt that this is a new update, and you won’t find it until you hunt for it specifically, but it’s a genuine Windows Update.

The Windows Setup Remediation (KB4023057) update enhances the stability of Windows. Updated resources and files fix problems that have been plaguing the Windows 10 update process.

These files are designed to improve the quality of Windows Updates and make it easier for users to install them without interruption.

In order to fix potential problems with Windows Update itself, it will perform activities on your computer such as correcting faulty Windows files, requesting that your device stay awake longer to allow updates to be installed, and adjusting network settings, among other things.

Apps and updates for this app are often updated using Windows Update components or the Windows Store before a Windows Update or during the Windows Update process.

As part of the sedsvc.exe procedure, Windows Setup Remediation can also appear in the folder C:/Program Files/rempl.

Should I Remove Windows Setup Remediation (KB4023057)?

It can be removed without causing any big issues because it’s only required for specific Windows builds. It is not recommended that you use it because it is used to verify that Windows updates are reliable.

Users have claimed that even if they remove the update, they will be offered it again the next time they update. It won’t be offered again, but it will be installed eventually, so you can’t completely avoid it.

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Windows Setup Remediations can be uninstalled or uninstalled. Although it can be uninstalled, doing so is not suggested because it performs critical functions and uninstalling it may cause issues with future Windows upgrades.

If you want to get rid of it, take in mind that it’s set to get rid of it with every update, thus you’ll have to do it every time.