Top 15 ‘LetMeWatchThis’ Alternatives


LetMeWatchThis This is a well-known popular website that offers online streaming of movies and television shows. It does not charge the viewers anything. This website was one of Primewire’s three platforms. PrimeWire and 1Channel are the other two platforms available.


This service streams both old and new English films, increasing the number of viewers across all age categories.


The content published here is available in a variety of languages, attracting viewers from all over the world rather than just those who speak English. Because it is prohibited by the government, it is one of the unlawful websites.

The site’s owners, however, did not give up and continued to change the domain from time to time to keep the site online. The website is also unsafe to use because the contents released were uploaded without the authorization of the proprietors.

All of the contents are classified, making it easy for customers to find what they’re looking for, including the IMDB rating. It ensures that the audience receives the most up-to-date information. These are the two key reasons for this site’s rapid growth in visitors.

Despite the fact that it is a piracy website, many viewers find themselves watching video from it owing to technological faults on both sides. This website has a lot of proxy sites, which caused the traffic to drop quickly. As a result, viewers began looking for alternatives to LetMeWatchThis.

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Alternatives To LetMeWatchThis Top 15

The following are the 15 options:

1. Streaming Movies

This website’s content consists of movies and television series. One of the most appealing features of this website to viewers is that it is fully legal. It means that the public can watch movies that are in the public domain on this website. Videos from the search engine’s external partner sites are also available.

The materials are available for free viewing. Viewers in some countries will need a VPN to watch for better quality and service. It provides viewers with regular updates on the most recent films and television shows. The movies available on this site are in HD quality.

2. Solar Film

LetMeWatchThis is a well-known website that is similar to it. Solar movies are a collection of films and television programmes. It does not impose any fees on its customers. The content on this site is divided into many genres, such as action, drama, comedy, and so on.

Users appreciate the high quality of the videos released, which also allows them to download the films for free. Legally, it can be viewed in nations including India, Hong Kong, Korea, and France. The site is user-friendly since it prevents users from being bothered by adverts and pop-ups.

3 1Movies

This website is one of the most well-known streaming services for watching TV shows and movies. It causes problems for the production firm because it leaks new releases online, whether they are movies, TV shows, or series, as an unauthorised website.

It allows users to download films. According to reports, the website attracts 24 lakh visitors every year, allowing the site’s owners to profit from click rates and adverts.

4. Films on Demand

It was first released in the year 2016. It’s been compared to the solar movie online streaming website. This website, like Youtube, offers its viewers the option of viewing content in dark mode. There are no fees associated with viewing or downloading content on its website.

Several nations, including India, Sweden, and Australia, have blacklisted this website. Viewers are irritated with the constant advertising and pop-ups, which is one of the reasons they dislike this website.

5. Popcorn Session

It is one of the most widely used BitTorrent programmes. It allows users to download content from other servers. One of the key reasons why consumers will favour this site at any time is that it does not contain any adverts or pop-ups.

This allows users to browse without being interrupted. The site does not charge its visitors to view or download the content that is streamed live. Several nations, including the United Kingdom, Israel, and Denmark, have blacklisted this website.

6. Popcorn Flix 

Screen Media Ventures owns the company, which was founded in July 2010. It is treated as though it were popcorn time, but with added characteristics. This website is fully accessible in nations such as the United States and Canada. Movies and web series are the kind of material available on this website.

It does not charge a fee to view the information it gives. The contents are organised into categories, making it much easier for users to find what they’re looking for. It guarantees that the content it provides is updated on a regular basis.

7. FlixGoFlixG 

It is an internet platform that provides consumers with material such as movies, TV series, and film reviews. Users can choose to see the content in high definition. It does not charge its users any fees for viewing.

It’s simple to find what users are looking for. It’s been compared to the website Primwire. This website contains advertising and pop-ups. If viewers want to watch without being interrupted by commercials and pop-ups, they can subscribe to the VIP version.

8. Snag Films 

Ted Leonsis introduced it in the middle of 2008. Movies, TV shows, reality shows, documentaries, and other types of material are available on the site.

It was regarded as one of the fastest-growing businesses in Washington, D.C., USA. The website is accessible without the need to pay a subscription fee.

A membership is required to see the content without being interrupted by adverts. It was shut down in May 2020, and all agreements with production companies, producers, and other content owners were terminated.

9. Free TV through OpenLoad

A basic and easy-to-use website with movie and television series content. This website hosts Bollywood, Korean, and other film releases. It ensures that the most recent information is provided.

The category of movies and TV programmes, as well as the year of release, allows viewers to quickly find their choices. Content ratings are easily accessible. The website is open to the public and is free to use. Trailers can also be found on this website.

10. Putlocker

It is one of the file hosting websites that provides free access to viewers. This website allows you to watch movies and TV shows online.

It was first released in the United Kingdom in the year 2011. It was blocked in the region after a few years. The website’s domain was changed multiple times in order to keep it active.

The website is currently stable. Users found the website to be very user-friendly. In most cases, users have no problems navigating through their options. There are so many genres and categories of content posted that consumers have a limitless number of options to watch.

11. Afdah

It is not an online streaming website that makes any content available. It’s a web scraper that sends viewers to other websites where they can watch movies, series, TV shows, listen to music, watch sports, read political news, read science fiction, and so on.

To put it another way, the site is a third-party platform that recommends other websites that contain the content that a reader is looking for. It is an Indian torrent website that allows users to download content illegally.

12. Panda Streaming 

It’s a website that features the most recent movies and television shows. With the exception of a few countries, it is available in practically every country. It’s part of a software development firm that specialises in online video solutions for its clients.

Users can leave feedback or reviews on the content they’ve seen, which might assist other users decide whether or not to watch it.

Users can also score the content they’ve seen, which will reflect the overall rating of the content, giving other users an indicator of whether or not they should watch it. Users are happy with this website, but the only element that they dislike is the constant interruption of commercials and pop-ups.

13. Ganool

It is an internet streaming platform that offers Telugu, Korean, Malayalam, Japanese, animation, and Thai-based films to users. There is no specified subscription fee on the website. It allows people to watch and download high-definition movies.

Ganool, like every other pirated streaming website, has been shut down multiple times. There are so many mirror websites with the name ganool that it’s impossible to tell which one is the original.

Users are not need to register in order to use the website. It can be seen on a mobile device or a computer. It unlawfully distributes the most recent items within an hour of their initial release.

14. CoolMovieZone

It is a well-known pirated website that distributes new movies illegally within an hour or two of their first release. Action, thriller, horror, crime, romance, mythology, science fiction, fantasy, adventure, and animation are among the film’s genres.

Because of frequent changes in domain names as well as hacking difficulties, this website’s traffic has decreased in recent years.It is well-known as the best online streaming service for uninterrupted viewing.

Since 2016, the site has been blocked in the United Kingdom and India. This website has the most recent movies and entertainment shows available for download. It is claimed that its proxy sites included viruses. However, the website itself is clear of viruses and spyware.

15. 123Movies

Due to its popularity for cinematic material, it is believed to have received a lot of traffic. Because the official website was shut down in 2018, the website is still active through its mirror sites. Other names for this website include GoMovies, GoStream, MeMovies, and 123MoviesHub.

According to Google Trends, it is currently the most widely searched website. Movies and television series are among the stuff released.

Users are frequently frustrated since the number of adverts and pop-ups displayed is relatively high. This website has been blocked in a number of countries. Antivirus software or VPNs are still being used by users to access this page.

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The above are some well-known LetMeWatchThis alternatives. All of the websites are dedicated to providing the greatest services to their visitors.

Users must use a secure VPN to access the websites listed above, ensuring that their devices are protected from unwanted malware and browsing difficulties. There are many more LetMeWatchThis alternatives, such as Bmovies, Movie House, SeeHD, Viewster, and so on.