10 Best JustDubs Alternatives In 2023


JustDubs is a pioneer in the field of internet anime streaming. A wide range of anime content is available on the website.

JustDubs primarily focuses on delivering English dubbed anime content so that the vast majority of the world’s population may watch their favourite anime without difficulties. The website’s anime content is available for free, and the user interface is great.

However, despite its widespread popularity, many users are unable to acquire access to it. The explanation for this is simple: it is a pirated site that distributes all of its content without copyright and in an unauthorised manner.


As a result, numerous governments have taken action against it, and it is now outlawed in many nations.

10 Best JustDubs Alternatives

But there’s no need to be concerned. There are plenty more options available to anime fans who do not wish to suffer. Let’s have a look at some of the alternatives:

1. Anime Kiss

KissAnime has always remained a tough competitor of JustDubs in terms of providing best quality content to the users at free of cost. It is rated as one of the top anime material providers because to its excellent user-friendly interface and up-to-date content.

It has a big number of users who come to the site on a regular basis to watch the latest anime series and movies. As a result, it’s a fantastic website with some wonderful features and a nice option to keep an eye on.

2. AnimeUltima 

The next entry on this list of top alternatives is AnimeUltima. The information on it is well-organized. It has a lot of anime series and movies from many genres including action, sci-fi, adventure, and so on.

The website is devoid of advertisements, and the content is of high quality. There is also an English-dubbed version of the anime series. It even has its own forum where members can debate their favourite episodes.

3. AnimeLand 

As a good alternative to JustDubs, AnimeLand is worth considering. It contains a massive selection of anime cartoons, with over 40,000 in its library. It is not necessary to register or create an account. The information is available for free.

The information is of excellent quality and is immediately accessible by using the search box on the homepage, demonstrating that the website’s content is well-organized.

The content is updated on a regular basis to ensure that consumers have access to the most recent anime series and films.

4. AnimeHeros

As the name implies, AnimeHeros is the true hero of the anime community when it comes to providing consumers with high-quality, up-to-date, and free content. There are additional genre and popularity-based filters accessible.

Another intriguing feature is that it includes a brief description of the characters who appear in the anime series. For anime game fans, there is also a “Free Anime Games” area.

Although the firm states that the website is also compatible with mobile phones, this may not be the case.

5. Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll is an online anime streaming service that allows viewers to watch all of the latest and most popular anime series and movies for free. It contains a good amount of anime content.

If you’re a manga fan, this is a great gift because it includes the most recent manga releases. It also includes a premium website that offers an ad-free environment, quick access to all of the current anime episodes, and offline viewing.

6. AnimeHeaven

For anime fans, AnimeHeaven is one of the greatest free to stream anime websites. The anime content is well-organized in order to save users’ time. It is not necessary to register or create an account. This website’s dark look has also earned a lot of attention.

There are no irritating advertisements on this website. Users can choose between dubbed and non-dubbed versions. The site runs smoothly on laptops and PCs, however it is not as well-suited to mobile phones.

7. GoGoAnime

GoGoAnime is a dark-theme-based website that offers all of the latest anime episodes, movies, and cartoons to its viewers. Its site features a search bar that allows viewers to find their favourite anime with a simple click of a button.

It also has anime that is dubbed in English.A Popular tab informs users about the top ranked anime list, from which they can select the best anime series in HD resolution.

There is a separate website for each anime series that has all of the information about that anime series, including its premiere date, popularity, duration, and other details.

8. YouTube

The most popular website on this list is most likely YouTube. Who in today’s technology-driven world hasn’t heard of YouTube? YouTube attracts millions of individuals every day because to its simple user-friendly interface and free content availability.

Because everyone knows that YouTube only delivers legal information, any unauthorised and unlawful content is taken from the site. It does, however, have a big variety of anime series, movies, and cartoons for viewers to enjoy.

YouTube is one of the best data-saving options because users may set video quality themselves.

9. Netflix

One of the most deserving contenders on this list is Netflix. Netflix is a term that has gained a lot of recognition and appeal among users in a short period of time.

This popularity can be attributed to one of the greatest user interfaces and the availability of new anime content as soon as it is launched.

However, one should keep in mind that accessing Netflix necessitates the purchase of a subscription. The cost of a membership varies depending on how many months it is purchased for.

Netflix does not distribute pirated or unlawful content and instead purchases copyrights from firms, so delivering free anime content is not an option.

However, once you get a subscription and visit the website, you will not feel guilty because there is so much information to enjoy.

10. Anime Rebel

Anime Rebel is a free website that offers subtitled anime to its viewers. It offers a wide range of genres from which to choose. The content on it is absolutely free of charge. There is no need to create an account or sign up, but the site will ask about your age the first time you visit.

If you input a restricted age, there is no option for you and you will be permanently shut out of the website. So just type in a number that isn’t restricted!!! Aside from that, it’s a nice alternative to keep an eye on.


These are some of JustDubs hand-picked alternative websites to choose from if you’re having problems finding your favourite anime entertainment.

Just remember to take the required precautions, such as connecting to a VPN to protect your privacy from prying eyes and installing an antivirus to protect your operating system from hazardous malware.