10 Best Sites Like FirstRowSports


Everyone has a favourite sport or game, and it doesn’t matter how old you are. We get a lot of joy out of participating in or simply watching sports and games.

Doing both is a great experience. Many sport-related websites are available for people who want to watch live sporting events from anywhere in the world. It is possible to watch online games and matches via these websites.

FirtsRowSports is a sports fan’s one-stop shop for everything they need to know about the game. You can watch a wide range of sporting events, both on-demand and live, on this website.

Sports fans flock to this website in droves. This site is still operational, but you should expect outages or malfunctions from time to time. You don’t need to be concerned if you find yourself in this situation.


Simply switch to other options. As a result, we’ve written this piece to let you know about some of the alternatives to FirstRowSports. As a result, keep using these websites and don’t stop watching live sports broadcasts.

Similar Websites to FirstRowSports

Take a look.

1. SportsLemon

Streaming sports matches and events on SportsLemon TV is the best option. To access all of the site’s content, it is completely free. You can watch a wide variety of sports, including football, tennis, hockey, boxing, and more, on this site. You can also watch free cricket matches on it.

A must-see for any and all cricket fans out there. It provides several links that direct you to other external software in order to stream their content.

Watch sports content that is not available on their main website. It has ad pop-ups, but they aren’t overwhelming, so you can enjoy sports streaming on this site.

2. Stopping

For those who enjoy FirtsRowSports, this is a great place to go online. FirstRowSports has a lot of content, but this site has even more.

Here, you can not only watch live sports events, but you can also get a taste of what it’s like to play in person. StopStream is the best sports-oriented website, with a wide variety of sports channels.

Many sports competitions can be found on other platforms or websites, despite its impressive features. FormHot, Drakulastream, and USA Destinations are just a few examples. Generally speaking, this is the best website to visit.

3. VIP Box TV

VipBox TV is an excellent choice for watching sports events live on the internet. Sports fans can watch games and other sporting events in real time on this multi-national website. You can also watch free live sporting events on specific sports channels.

The vast majority of its visitors use it to watch free live streams of football and soccer. Sports coverage isn’t the only option. Using it will be a breeze thanks to its simple design. So you can search for any sport or match with ease.

4. Watching Live Television

LiveTV is a free website that allows users to watch a wide variety of live sports events and games.

This site provides live streaming of games currently taking place on the field. You can watch football, ice hockey, soccer, basketball, and many other games in various tournaments and matches.

Cricket is the only game that isn’t available on this site, so it’s not the best place for cricket fans. The video quality options on LiveTV allow you to customise the quality of the videos you watch.

All of LiveTV’s features are free to use, but they can only be accessed by creating an account on this site. However, you are not required to sign up for anything.

5. ESPN Watch

If you’re a fan of ESPN and enjoy watching their programming, this is the best place for you to go. WatchESPN is a sports-oriented website provided by the ESPN channel and is accessible through the WatchESPN app.

Thereby allowing for on-the-the-go viewing for their audience members. Only residents of the United States can access their content. In addition, they feature primarily American sports programming.

Rugby, American Football, Softball, Wrestling, Hockey, Lacroses, and other sports are available on this site. The streaming interface is simple enough that anyone can use it.

However, you can also get the latest information about upcoming games and sporting events without having to watch live broadcasts or subscribe to sports channels. For US customers, this is the best option.

6. Knock-outs

It’s the best place for sports fans to find a wide variety of games. Strikeout has a wide variety of free games and matches to choose from.

It has a very similar look and feel to FirstRowSports.com. It doesn’t matter if you have a computer, a tablet or a smartphone; you can watch live sports here.

Its content is well-organized, which contributes to its high quality and to the wonderful streaming experience. As a whole, Strikeout is a great place to watch college football and the Premier League, as well as a few other sports.

7. SlingTV

You can watch live sports on SlingTV, a website that provides a slew of TV channels.

There are a lot of expensive TV channels available on this site, but you can watch them for a low price here. In addition, since it is well-known for its high-quality videos, there is no need to compromise on content quality.

Mobile devices, desktops, smart TVs, Xbox, and Roku can all access this website. To gain popularity, it has attracted a large number of subscribers thanks to its unique features. There is no excuse for you to sit and watch live television.

8. Motorstream TV 

This website, as implied by its name, offers live coverage of motorsports events. If you’re a fan of racing games in general, you should check out this website.

From Formula One to Nascar to Formula E to V8 Supercars to the Indy 500 and the World Superbike Championship, it covers nearly every form of motorsport.

The best part is that you can watch live racing events from the comfort of your own home for absolutely no cost at all. You’ll be able to keep up with the latest races and upcoming events thanks to the regular updates.

You will never miss a thing on this site. Sports races and on-demand games are only available on this site.

9. Feed2all

Feed2all is the most well-known website for watching a wide range of sporting events and games in real time.

All of these sports can be watched for free and in high quality on this site. There is a heavy focus on football and soccer in this site’s content. If you are into football or soccer, then this is the best option for you!

It’s easy to use, even though it has a similar interface to FirstRowSports, but it has a lot more features. Free downloads are also available. There are numerous free football and soccer channels available on this site.

10. FreeSports.com

One of the best free sports streaming websites is FreeSports. There are numerous National and international soccer leagues to choose from. It will soon be the most popular sports website in the United Kingdom because of its excellent content.

You can keep up with current and upcoming events while still enjoying your favourite sporting events. Although this site offers live streaming of various matches for free, you must first register on it to access this service.


We hope you find this article useful. Because each of the provided options has advantages and disadvantages, it is best to use all of them. Thus, each website stands out for its own reasons.

So give them a whirl and pick the one that works best for you. Watch your favourite sporting events live from the convenience of your home or office. Make sure to leave your thoughts in the comments section, as well.