How To Fix ‘Nintendo Error Code 2123’

Nintendo Error Code 2123

If you receive the error 2123-1502 on your Switch, it signifies that your console is unable to maintain a constant connection to the Nintendo servers, and as a result, you are unable to download (or update) any software for your Switch.

Method 1: Use the Download Menu To Retry The Download.

Error 2123-1502 during a failed download of an app or game may be due to a short hiccup in the handshake protocol between the Switch and its servers.

The problem may be resolved by retrying the download from within the Download Options. Make sure there’s enough free space on your Switch before continuing.

Nintendo Error Code 2123

Step 1: Start by clicking Cancel to stop the download, then try again by clicking the download button (you may keep spamming the download button 15 or more times). Don’t interrupt the download once it has started.

Step 2: If the error message keeps appearing, try cancelling the download by clicking Cancel, then retrying the download when the button appears.

Step 3: After that, rapidly go to Download Options (so the problem doesn’t appear) (or Download Settings).

Step 4: Please be patient while the backdrop download finishes. Avoid applying any pressure to the system at any point. A Download Successful notification will appear in the top left corner of the screen after the download is complete.

Step 5: If that doesn’t work, try restarting the download while the switch is docked to see if it helps.

Whether the problem persists after that, try seeing if updating or installing a new app or game from the Step 6: E-shop fixes it.

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Method 2: Turn on And off the Nintendo Switch’s Flight Mode.

If the Nintendo Switch’s downloading fails due to a temporary connection glitch, trying to turn off and then back on the flight mode may fix the problem by forcing the communication modules to reconnect.

Step 1: To activate the Nintendo Switch’s aeroplane mode, go to the System Settings > Flight Mode > Airplane Mode menu.

Step 2: Click “Flight Mode” in the right pane, then wait a minute.

Step 3: Then, you may see if the download began without the problem 2123-1502 by turning off Flight Mode.

Method 3: Swap Out Nintendo Switch’s Default Language

The problem at hand may arise if a bug in Switch’s user interface (especially its language modules) prevents the user from completing the download. Here, switching the Switch’s language to something else and back to the desired language might work.

Step 1: Access the Nintendo Switch’s System Settings and click the System tab.

Step 2: Launch Language and pick a new language (like German). If you leave the screen, you might not be able to simply switch back the language.

Step 3: Once the interface has been displayed in the new language, you can change it back to your preferred language (such as English) and see if the issue 2123-1502 has been fixed on the Switch.

Turn off Nintendo Switch’s Auto-Sleep Feature

If you put your Nintendo Switch to sleep during a download and lose connection to Nintendo’s servers, the download may fail. Turning off the Switch’s sleep mode is one possible solution for the 2123-1502 problem.

Step 1: Access the Sleep Mode settings menu from the Switch’s System Settings menu.

Step 2: Select Never under Auto Sleep.

Step 3: Once you’ve made the necessary adjustments, you can try downloading again.

The Nintendo Switch’s Wi-Fi Must be Disconnected And Reconnected.

The Switch error 2123-1502 could occur due to a transient malfunction in Nintendo’s communication modules. In this case, disconnecting and then re-adding the Nintendo Switch’s Wi-Fi connection could be the answer.

Step 1: Access the Switch’s Internet settings through the System menu.

Step 2: Internet Settings should be accessed now, with the desired network (Wi-Fi, for example) selected.

Step 3: Then select the Delete Settings option. You may get the relevant file for WPA-protected connections by opening Advanced Setup.

Step 4: Once you’ve confirmed the Delete settings, you can re-establish your Wi-Fi.

Step 5: It’s time to see if the download can be finished and the Switch fault has been fixed.

Step 6: If it doesn’t work, try hooking up the Switch to an Ethernet network and seeing if the download finishes there (you may use a USB network adapter). Keep in mind that before attempting the download, some users may need to run the Switch’s connectivity test.

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Power Cycle The Router And Switch.

The issue could have been caused by a brief fault in the Switch or router, preventing the programme or game from downloading. It’s possible that restarting both devices will fix the issue.

Step 1: To turn off the Nintendo Switch, press and hold the power button for a few seconds (called hard restart).

Step 2: After turning off the switch, disconnect the router from its power source and turn off its power.

Step 3: After 5 minutes, reconnect the router’s power cable and turn it back on.

Step 4: Start the Nintendo Switch after the router lights have settled, and see if the error 2123-1502 has been fixed.

Step 5: If it doesn’t, open the Nintendo Switch’s System Settings and switch to Airplane Mode.

Step 6: Next, press the power button on the Nintendo Switch until the Power Options screen appears, and then choose Turn Off from the list.

Step 7: When the Switch is powered off, remove the SD card and then hit the power button.

Step 8: To access the Switch’s power settings, press and hold the power button once the Home Screen has loaded.

Step 9: Once the Switch is off, insert the SD card again.

Step 10: The next step is to turn on the Switch and then access the System Settings after it has booted up properly.

Step 11: Turn off your Switch’s Airplane Mode and play about with it to see if it still has problems.

Step 12: Whether that doesn’t work, go back through steps 5-11 again, but this time see if downloading anything from the E-Shop fixes the issue.