How To Delete Patreon Account

How To Delete Patreon Account

Historically, it was more difficult for artists to make a living from their work. A “patron” emerged as a key player in this context. Geniuses like Michaelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci were stymied by a lack of means, despite their obvious brilliance.

Someone of means was required to foot the bill. As a result, many artists needed financial backing from someone, whether it was a wealthy landowner, a King, or an institution like the Catholic Church. When an artist has financial support from a patron, they can create incredible works.

How To Delete Patreon Account

When a Patreon account is terminated, what exactly occurs?

Though having a Patreon account can have its advantages, there are still circumstances in which deleting one might be appropriate. In cases where the creator no longer has any intention of updating their channel, they may ask their subscribers to stop contributing.

A creator may potentially lose interest in providing the ongoing rewards to their subscribers. A Patreon account can be terminated permanently for any reason. If a creator decides to remove their Patreon account, the entire account along with all of their data will be deleted forever from the site.

All of their Patreon updates are included in this. If they wish to keep the things they’ve created, they should save copies of them somewhere before they cancel their account. Further, all payments currently in process will be processed as usual. In this case, the deletion of their account will not affect any pending or completed transactions.

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Learn the steps to permanently remove your Patreon account.

You can terminate your Patreon subscription at any time before July 2020. The problem is that it’s out of stock. So, if you want to stop being a Patreon, you’ll have to remove your account.

If you’ve decided that closing your Patreon account is the best option, we’ll show you how to accomplish so. It’s important to remember that Patreon may take up to 30 days to process your request after you’ve finished the necessary steps.

Know that you can ask for your account to be reinstated if you change your mind after deleting it. If you want, we can erase your account after 14 days. It’s also a good idea to terminate any subscriptions you currently have.

Here’s how to cancel your Patreon subscription without further ado:

  1. Read more about Patreon’s privacy practises here. Detailed profiles can be viewed here.
  2. Select the button labelled “Take Charge”
  3. Please review the data supplied and then use the Erase button in the lower right corner.
  4. In order to access your Patreon account, Patreon will prompt you to log in if you aren’t already.
  5. To proceed, please select Allow from the new menu options. This grants access to Transcend, Patreon’s data deletion partner.
  6. When prompted, use the Confirm Request action button located at the new window’s footer to finalise the removal.

Please be aware that Patreon may keep some information in order to comply with anti-fraud rules. After you finish the steps, Patreon will start sending you emails with account updates.

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They will inform you of where your request to delete stands. You will stop getting Patreon updates once your account has been deleted.