How To Fix ‘Dragon Age Inquisition Won’t Launch’ in Windows 10

Dragon Age Inquisition Won't Launch in Windows 10

This article is for people stuck with the Dragon Age Inquisition Won’t Launch error. Dragon Age Inquisition, an action role-playing video game, is the third major game in the Dragon Age franchise.

It is the sequel to Dragon Age Origins and Dragon Age ll. Its developer is BioWare and Electronic Arts are the publisher. Dragon Age Inquisition was released worldwide for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation, and Xbox in 2014.

Dragon Age Inquisition Won't Launch in Windows 10

Many users have come up with complaints stating that they are not able to launch the game in Windows 10. Even after trying to run the executables multiple times, the game does not seem to budge.

Here we discuss some of the reasons why Dragon Age Inquisition Won’t Launch error occurs and proposes six solutions to fix the problem. So, read ahead and find out.

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What Prevents Dragon Age: Inquisition from Launching?

Many reasons can prevent Dragon Age from launching. So, the reason is not specific. Some of the problems that can cause this error are listed below:

1. Background processes and services: A system will have many processes and services that run in the background. Many a time, these background services may create trouble. These may be Windows services or some third-party applications. They will prevent the game from functioning correctly.

2. Missing or corrupted game Files: missing or corrupted game files may cause the game to behave abnormally. These files are vital for the proper functioning of the game. Even a single corrupted or missing file can prevent the game from launching.

3. Administrative Privileges: The game requires administrative privileges from some of its functionalities to work seamlessly. If these privileges are not granted to the application, then, it may cause problems.

4. Windows Compatibility: If your game is incompatible with the Windows 10 settings, then the problem may arise. It happens because not all programs are adjusted to the Windows 10 architecture. So, we cannot launch such programs in Windows 10. But there is a feature called compatibility mode

5. Full-Screen Optimizationszations: Windows provides an option to run games in Full-Screen. It gives a borderless game and smooth experience. But, in some cases, this feature will interfere with some aspects of the game, causing problems and prevent the game from launching.

6. Direct X/VC Redist Version: Another possible reason for the error may be the conflict between DirectX and VC Redist. Both these elements are present inside the game installation folder. If the versions of DirectX and VC Redist are not mutually incompatible, then they prevent the game from launching.

How to Fix Dragon Age Inquisition Won’t Launch Error in Windows 10

Method 1 – Troubleshooting Compatibility

In this method, we make use of the Windows troubleshooting tool. Some applications and games may be incompatible with the Windows 10 architecture. While we try to run these applications, they result in errors. The Windows troubleshooting tool will help us determine which is the best Operating System to run the game.

Step 1 – Open the folder of the game installation and after that right-click on the game executable then select properties.

Step 2 – In properties, click on the ‘Compatibility’ tab and select ‘Run Compatibility Troubleshooter’.

Step 3 – After running troubleshooter, Windows will automatically determine the best operating system to run the game.

Step 4 – Click on ‘Try Recommended Settings’. Then select ‘Test’.

Step 5 – Click on ‘Apply’ and exit when the program is running correctly.

Step 6 – Launch the game to see if the Dragon Age Inquisition Not Launching error persists.

Method 2 – Running a Clean Boot

Sometimes, the services that are running in the background can cause trouble. These include both Windows services and third-party services. Due to some internal conflicts, they can prevent all the game from functioning. This solution will help you to boot into Windows without any third party service or unwanted Windows service running in the background. Follow the steps given below:

Step 1 – First of all, log in to the computer as an administrator.

Step 2 – Secondly, type ‘msconfig‘  in the search bar and hit Enter.

Step 3 – A window opens up. Select the ‘Services‘ tab. Check the ‘Hide all Microsoft Services’ box at the bottom of the window.

Step 4 – Now click on the ‘Disable All’ button. This will disable all third-party services from running in the background.

Step 5 – Furthermore, go to ‘Task Manager’ (Right-click on Taskbar or search in search bar).

Step 6 – Click on the Startup tab, and you check that all the applications are disabled. All those applications are running in the background while System startup is disabled.

Step 7 – Lastly, reboot your computer and try launching the game to see if the Dragon Age Inquisition Won’t Launch error is solved.

Method 3 – Verifying Game Files

If some of the game files are missing or corrupted, then the game behaves abnormal or resist launching. All the internal files are necessary for the smooth operation of the game. In this solution, we try to verify that the game files are intact.

Step 1 Firstly, Open the Origin client. Sign in to your account.

Step 2 Secondly, you can see the ‘Game Library’ option on the left panel. Click on it.

Step 3 In-Game Library, right-click on ‘Dragon Age’. Then select the ‘Repair Game’ option.

Step 4 The client will verify the game. Also, it will automatically download or replace the missing or corrupt files.

Step 5 Lastly, try launching the game to see if the Dragon Age Inquisition Won’t Launch problem persists.

Method 4 – Re-Installing the Direct X and VC Redist

There is a chance that the version of Direct X and VC Redist provided inside the game installation folder are coinciding with the game. This will prevent the game from launching. This solution describes how you could go about installing Direct X and VC Redist

Step 1 – Navigate to this path:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\Dragon Age Inquisition\_Installer\directx\redist

Step 2 – Run ‘DXSetup.exe’ and replace the previous versions.

Step 3 – Now navigate to the following path- C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\Dragon Age Inquisition\_Installer\vc

Step 4 – Then run all ‘VCRedist.exe’ files that are present inside the folder and replace previous versions.

Step 5 – Lastly, restart your computer.

Method 5 – Granting Administrative Privileges

Some feature of the game requires administrative privileges to work properly. So, if you are not granting the privileges, then some functionalities will not work as expected and cause issues with the game. This method deals with granting administrative privileges to the game. To do so, follow these steps

Step 1: Firstly, open the game installation folder

Step 2: Secondly, right-click on the game executable and select ‘Properties.’

Step 3:  Thirdly, click on ‘Compatibility’ tab

Step 4: Inside the compatibility tab checks the box ‘Run as Administrator’.

Step 5: Lastly, try launching the game. Hopefully, the Dragon Age Inquisition Won’t Launch problem will be solved.

Method 6 – Disabling Full-Screen Optimizations

The full-screen optimization feature of Windows as introduced to provide a borderless and smooth gaming experience to gamers. But sometimes, this feature might interfere with certain elements of the game and prevent it from launching. If this is what is happening in your system, then disabling the full-screen mode will do the trick.

Step 1 – Open the game folder and right-click on the game executable.

Step 2 – Select properties and click on the Compatibility tab

Step 3 – In the Compatibility tab, check the box which says ‘Disable Full-Screen Optimizationszations’.

Step 4 – Apply changes and close the window.

Step 5 – Now run the game. See the Dragon Age Inquisition Crash on Startup error is solved.

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The six best methods for solving the ‘Dragon Age Inquisition Won’t Launch’ problem as detailed above. You can go through them one by one and execute the steps carefully. Do not skip any step.

Most probably, you will end up fixing the error yourself. If you are unable to solve the issue, then it is better to take technical help from experts.