Fix ‘Playstation Error Code WS-37398-0’

Playstation Error Code WS-37398-0

Sony Interactive Entertainment is well-known for creating the PlayStation 4 (PS4) and PlayStation 5 (PS5) video game consoles. The PS5 is the successor to the PS4 and features significant performance upgrades. Differences between PS4 and PS5 can be viewed by clicking here.

Many popular games, such as Elden Ring, Spider-Man, Grand Theft Auto V, etc., are compatible with the PS4 and PS5.

Those game consoles are fantastic. Problems with PlayStation consoles, such as the PS4 crashing, the PS5 not starting a game or app, error code CE-100095-5, and so on, are unfortunately not unheard of. In this article, I’ll explain error WS-37398-0, which occurs frequently.

Playstation Error Code WS-37398-0

Both PS4 and PS5 could be affected by WS-37398-0. The “an error has occurred” notice is always accompanied by the error code. There’s no way to tell what’s wrong just by looking at the error message.

However, when the issue arises, you will be unable to use the PlayStation Network or access the PlayStation Store.

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Reason(s) WS-37398-0 occurs.

The WS-37398-0 error message on PS4 and PS5 has been reported by certain users.

Keep in mind that this is not indicative of a problem with either your network or your PlayStation system. The Playstation Network (PSN) server may be experiencing issues, which is why you received an error message.

PlayStation Network (PSN) is a service that enables the PlayStation network and all of its online capabilities, including online gaming, entertainment, social networking, the PlayStation Store, PlayStation Plus, and more. Those online functions are only available if and when the PSN service is reliable.

Any attempt to connect to the PSN server will fail, leaving you with the WS 37398 0 error on your PS4 or PS5 when the PSN service is offline.

Should I Try to Repair WS-37398-0?

The WS-37398-0 error number on the PS5 or PS4 is typically caused by PNS problems, as previously explained. There are times when the PSN server is unavailable, such as when it is undergoing maintenance or when particular bugs are being investigated.

Go to the PSN service’s official website to see what’s up with the servers. Seeing the text “all services are up and running” is a good sign that the PSN is functioning normally.

If you get the message “some services are experiencing difficulty,” the PlayStation Network is presently unavailable.

If the PSN server goes down, there’s nothing you can do but wait for the devs to fix it. Please be patient as this could take a while.

When you get the WS 37398 0 issue on your PS4 or PS5, you can contact PlayStation Support for help. Monday through Friday, 9 am to 6 pm EST, you can reach them at 800 345-SONY (7669). (PT).

Common Questions and Answers|:

1. How Do I Fix Error Code Ws-37398-0 2022?

It’s annoying when your PS4 or PS5 is unresponsive, especially if you have a long session of gaming scheduled. Seeing a Ws-37398-0 error at this time is quite frustrating.

There’s nothing you can do until Sony finds and fixes the underlying source of the problem.

2. What Does It Mean When You Get The Error Message Ws-37398-0?

If you encounter this message on your PS4, it implies that your console is unable to connect to the PlayStation Network.

Playstation Online services will be unavailable during this time.

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3. How Do I Fix Ws Error On Ps4?

From time to time, the PS4 will have a slew of WS issues. Each of these problems has its own unique root cause and approach to fixing it.

While errors like Ws-37398-0 indicate a connection problem, WS37400-4 may indicate an issue with a backend update.

It’s true that you can’t do anything about the server outrage, but updating the backend and resolving the WS37400-4 issue should get your gaming back on track.