Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry High Disk Usage


Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry is a feature in Windows 7 and Windows 10 that embeds technical data about the window’s hygiene and communicates it to Microsoft on a regular basis to improve the user’s experience with the system, with the goal of resolving issues that arise while using it.

However, it can occasionally cause your Windows 10 machine to use a lot of disc space. You’ll eventually weary of pop-ups like “repair your PC” or “your PC is slowing down,” right?


Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry High Disk Usage

But do you know why your computer is slowing down? Let us present you with a few options for resolving the Windows 10 Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry High Disk Usage Error in a matter of minutes.

Solution 1: Clean Your Memory and Cache To Make Your PC Faster How To Fix Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry High Disk Usage in Windows 10

Keeping a temporary file and a large amount of data on the disc might slow down the disc and, as a result, the PC. To do so, follow the instructions below:

Step 1: Get EaseUS free partition programme, which is a free cleanup utility.

Step 2: Install and run EaseUS Partition Master on your computer. After that, go to the tools menu and select system optimization.

Step 3: Select Junk File Clean-up and then Analyze to have EaseUS Partition Master locate the junk files on your computer.

Step 4: Make a list of all the rubbish files you wish to get rid of. It will ask for confirmation once more after you have made your choice. By clicking yes, you confirm this.

If the above doesn’t work, try a different approach.

Solution 2: Use the Registry Editor to Fix It

Step 1: After pressing window + R, type regedit. When you’re finished, press the yes button.

Step 2: Stick to the path. SOFTWARE POLICIES HKEY LOCAL MACHINE Microsoft Windows Data Collection is a programme that collects data from your computer.

Step 3: Right-click on data collection and select New DWORD (32-bit) Value. Give the new value a name. Double-click to enable Telemetry.

Step 4: Don’t forget to click OK after setting the value to zero.

If the first two options don’t work, try the third option.

Solution 3: Use Group Policy Editor To Disable Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry

Step 1: After pressing window + R, type gpedit.msc. When you’re finished, click the OK button.

Step 2: Navigate to Computer Configuration Admin Templates Windows Components Data Collection and Preview Builds.

Step 3: Select Allow Telemetry and double-click it.

Step 4: Select Disabled after completing the previous steps, then click OK.

Go to task manager to double-check if it’s completed.


I hope the previous post was helpful in eliminating those pop-ups and making your work hours more enjoyable and productive.