How To Type ‘Spanish n With a tilde’ (ñ) On Keyboard (+ Alt Code)

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How to Guides

Because the majority of people use English keyboards, we should expect to see a lot more keyboards with ‘English language’ alphabets and symbols. However, if you’re wondering how to type Spanish letters on an English keyboard, you’ve come to the perfect place.

Writing Spanish on an English keyboard would be difficult, and the Spanish ” is also difficult. Don’t be concerned!! We’ll show you how to type Spanish letters with various techniques and tips, including how to form the Spanish n with a tilde like this – on both Windows and Mac.

How to Guides
How to Guides

There are other ways to type the Spanish n with the tilde on top, such as utilising the Alt code, a combination of shortcut keys, and so on, and you may learn how to write the ” in Excel, Word, and PowerPoint.

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In Windows, How To Type Spanish n (Using Alt Code)

The Alt key code is one of the simplest ways to enter the Spanish n with tilde -. Before we get started, here’s a quick suggestion for those of you who can’t seem to find the NumLock Key on your device.

Simply press Ctrl+NmLK (situated on the right side of the keyboard). So, before you begin, make sure the number keypad on your right side is turned on.

To obtain your, follow the instructions below.

Step 1: Using your mouse pointer, point to the location where you wish the to be typed.

Step 2: Now, hold down the Alt key.

Step 3: Press code 0241 for Lowercase and code 0209 for Uppercase while holding down the Alt Key.

Step 4: Now you may see the result by releasing all of the keys.

Yes, it is compatible with all versions of Windows. Don’t worry if you didn’t receive the, just repeat the steps above or try the ones below.

On a Mac, How Do You Type Spanish n? (Shortcut)

In Mac, it’s just as easy to enter the Spanish n with a tilde as it is in Windows. There are two ways to do this: one is to press Option+n, and the other is to hold down the n key for a few seconds.

If you’re having trouble understanding it, don’t worry; simply follow the steps.

Step 1: Using your mouse pointer, point to the location where you wish the to be typed.

Step 2: To get the Spanish n, press n.

(Hold down the Option key while pressing the n key until the option displays above.)

Step 3: To access the Spanish, hold down the Option key and then press n.

With this strategy, you can now see the Spanish n, i.e., on your screen. You can also try long pressing the n key and selecting an item from the pop-up menu or using the way described above.

By enabling the CapsLock, you may achieve Uppercase Spanish N with tilde using the same way. Instead of typing ‘n,’ type ‘N’.

In Word, How To Type Spanish n With Tilde

Using the Ctrl+ and then the n keys in Microsoft Word is the quickest way to type. However, the Shift Key is included, and the sequence is Ctrl + Shift + and then the n key.

You can also enter exotic characters like the Spanish n with a tilde using a variety of options and shortcut keys.

Tip: In the Insert section, go to the Sybmols option and scroll down to find the, which is located on the right side of the Tool Bar in Microsoft Word.

Shortcut For Spanish n with Tilde Symbol

Now let’s look at the shortcut key method.

Step 1: Using your mouse pointer, point to the location where you wish the to be typed.

Step 2: Alternately hit (Ctrl + Shift +) as seen below on the status bar on the left side, which says ‘Ctrl+’.

(You’ll find it under the Esc key on the left side of your keyboard.)

Step 3: To acquire the Spanish, press the n key.

(To do so, press Capslock and n – for Uppercase and Lowercase, respectively.)

The Tilde Alt Code for the Spanish n

This is how you can create a Spanish n with tilde using the Alt Code; it’s pretty much the same as what you saw previously.

Let’s have a look at it again,

Step 1: Using your mouse pointer, point to the location where you wish the to be typed.

(On devices with a small keyboard, make sure your NumLock key is on by pressing the NumLock key or using Ctrl+NmLK if you can’t locate it.)

Step 2: Hold down the Alt key while pressing the Alt code for Lowercase – 0241 and Uppercase – 0209.

Step 3: Now you can let go of the Alt key.

You’ve got it! The Spanish will now appear on your computer screen.

Copy And Paste In Spanish With Tilde

This may be the simplest method; all you have to do is copy and paste from the list below anywhere you want.

For the Spanish n with a tilde in lowercase


For the Spanish N with a tilde in uppercase


That concludes the discussion. Simply pick them with your mouse, then right-click and select ‘Copy’ or press ‘Ctrl+C’ to copy them. To paste it, set the cursor where you want it and either right-click on the mouse and select ‘Paste’ or just hit ‘Ctrl+V’.

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On your device, there are a few methods to enter the Spanish n using a tilde like this -. I hope this was useful, and if any of you are having trouble with the code, I recommend that you try it multiple times until you achieve the desired outcome, at which point you can choose the last option, which is to copy and paste the letter.