5 Best Alternatives for ‘Yahoo View’ to Use in 2024


In today’s world, everything is frequently getting digitised as digitalization carries a variety of norms and ways to curate and increase user engagement, in other words, because of digitalization people are getting synchronised with new technology.

There are a variety of video streaming and management platforms available to users, as digitalization is the primary aspect that defines the user-technology connection, and the same holds true for new tech processes.

As a video streaming service, Yahoo View was once a viable option. However, the company has decided to discontinue the service because of declining popularity and the need to reallocate resources elsewhere.


Yahoo View demise doesn’t mean that users have to stop or compromise on their enjoyment, as there are numerous alternatives that offer the same services.

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The 5 Best Yahoo View Alternatives

Take a look.

1. YouTube

In terms of features and user engagement, YouTube is far superior to Yahoo View. Video streaming and channel management platform is the most popular worldwide.

Every major company has a YouTube channel to promote their products and services, and many smaller businesses use YouTube as a primary source of information about their products and services.

YouTube has a wide range of useful and advanced features, such as the ability to stream a live event or webinar, a highly analytical search algorithm, and an automated watch list feature that allows for great user interaction.

2. Roku Channel

The Roku channel follows the same features and functionality mechanism like YouTube and is a great video streaming platform, Tubi has a lot of advance features.

It provides free streaming services for individual channels although for enjoying services of channels like Netflix, and digital cable operators users need to buy a subscription monthly or yearly.

Hulu Tv, Philo Tv, Vidgo Tv, fuboTV, Sling Tv, and AT&T TV are all available on the Roku platform.

It’s easier and more convenient to use a Roku streaming player than to sit in front of the television. You only need to connect it to your TV, create a Roku account, and you’re ready to start streaming your favourite content.

3. Pluto TV 

Streaming video service Pluto TV offers similar features to Yahoo View, making it a viable competitor. Its latest content availability is another feature that sets it apart as a standout video platform.

Besides Yahoo View database, Pluto Tv has all of Yahoo View content. At the heart of ViacomCBS’ Pluto TV service is free live-transfer television and on-demand video on demand.

You can watch more than 250 incredible business-related live channels without paying a penny. On-demand decisions are also available.

Content providers for Pluto Tv include Viacom-owned MTV, Nickelodeon, and Comedy Central as well as major broadcast networks like NBC, CBS, and CNN.

4. The Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll is a massive streaming service that is frequently cited as one of the best in the business for its ability to offer free access to anime and manga series and films.

Because Yahoo View had an anime section and had a large following of anime fans, Crunchyroll has risen to prominence as a viable alternative for those who want to watch anime online after Yahoo View demise.

In order to maximise the user’s experience and ease of streaming, Crunchyroll provides the user with an optimal bandwidth speed.

Even though Crunchyroll does offer a premium service, which costs a certain amount but is definitely worth it, the vast majority of the most recent anime shows and movies can be found here for free.

5. Tubei

Tubi is a good alternative to Yahoo View because it has a huge collection of more than 20,000 films and network shows, and it provides the best streaming experience and a personalization mechanism to help you find the best content for your preferences.

Tubi claims to provide the best method for discovering new content and materials, and they do so for free. Tubi’s interactive and appealing user interface makes it simple for users to get the most out of its content-rich segment and high level of accessibility.

Tubi is the largest streaming service platform in the world, accessible from anywhere and at any time.

Help is highly regarded on IMDb, and you can participate in its support for valuing high quality material. All of its subcategories can be browsed, but the New Releases, Upcoming Films, and Anime TV Series sections are the most popular.

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In the field of entertainment, video streaming is one of the most important aspects of digitization, and platforms like yahoo View and others that provide the same services are increasing their approach and frequently surpassing the market.

This entire framework has had a remarkable impact on the digitalization of various technical processes in many different ways as well. Customers don’t have to shell out any money to watch their favourite shows or movies, which is the primary draw of the service.

The demand for platforms like Yahoo View and others has always been high, but there are times when a platform’s success can be scuppered by a negative side effect, as was the case with Yahoo View.