How Toi Fix ‘Windows Key Not Working’ On Windows 10


A Windows key is a key that has a Windows logo on it and can be found on keyboards. It serves numerous purposes, therefore if someone has a problem with the key, it will be inconvenient.

So, if you’re having trouble with the Windows Key Not Working problem, we’ve compiled a list of 10 solutions for you.

How Do I Fix a Windows Key That Doesn’t Work in Windows 10?

If you’re upset by the error “Windows key not working,” you don’t have to worry about it any longer. We’ve compiled a list of ten solutions to help you get out of your bind.


1. Perform a Malware and Virus Scan 

Many errors in the smooth operation of your PC are caused by viruses and malware. It is usually a good idea to conduct a malware and virus scan on a regular basis. You should download a reputable Malware removal application for this, and if you notice any suspicious files, you should delete them.

If there is any malware on your computer, it may cause the Windows key to stop working. Malware can also disable your Windows key. Using Windows Defender, you may check if any malware or viruses have corrupted your files:

Step 1: Select Settings from the Start Menu. Update and Security should be selected.

Step 2: Select Windows Defender from the Update and Security menu. On the left side of the screen, look for the shield icon. It should be opened.

Step 3: Select Full Scan from the Advanced Scan menu. Wait till the scan is finished.

Check to verify whether the error Windows key not working has been repaired after the scan and the PC has been cleared of Malware.

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 2. Make a Registry Change

A problem with your registry could be one of the causes of the error Windows key not working. In that situation, you can fix the error Windows key not working in Windows 10 by editing the registry. To do so, simply follow the instructions outlined below.

NOTE: You should use caution when editing your registry; even minor carelessness can result in harm to your hard drive or even your computer. If the problem is high in the registry, it may also result in the message Windows 10 file explorer won’t open. As a result, it is recommended that you export your registry and save the registry files as a backup.

Step 1: Open the Task Manager window and select File.Start a new task. Type regedit into the run box and hit the Enter key.

Step 2:  Select the HKEY LOCAL MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetControlKeyboard Layout key from the left pane.

Step 3: Next, expand the Layout key and find the Snapcode Map registry entry, which you should delete.Exit Registry Editor after that.

Step 4: Shut down and restart your computer.

Check to see whether the Windows key not working error has been resolved. If you didn’t find this Solution to be helpful, you might want to try the following ones.

3. Turn Off The Gaming Mode 

If you’re a gamer who frequently uses a gaming keyboard, it’s possible that it’s interfering with the Windows key’s functionality.

This could be the cause of the “Windows key not working” problem. In this scenario, you need make sure that game mode is enabled. If it’s switched on, it can be interfering with the Windows key’s functionality, so turn it off.

You must switch it off to disable the game mode. The switches that are utilised to change this are determined by the keyboard that you are using. To disable the gaming mode properly, read the instruction booklet for your keyboard.

4. Check Out The Win Lock Button 

The Windows key is disabled by pressing the win lock button. Gaming mode is enabled on many crucial boards, but there are some that feature a win lock button.

If your keyboard has a win lock button, locate it near the right ctrl button and hit it to check if it fixes the issue Windows key not working on your computer.

5. Make a New Account

The problem Windows Key Not Working was fixed for several customers when they created a new user account. This would solve your problem if the error was caused by software on your computer. As a result, you can attempt this solution to fix the problem.

You can create a new account by following the steps below:

Step 1: Select the account section from the settings menu.

Step 2: Talk to your family and friends. Click Add someone else to this PC in the family and other people section.

Step 3: Select Select “Add a user without a Microsoft account” if you don’t have this person’s sign-in details. Next, give your new user account a name and click Next. A new user account will be made for you.

Step 4: Finally, log out of your existing account. Then use the newly created account to log in.

Step 5: When changing the account, see if the error Windows Key Not Working displays. If the problem does not display, the newly established account can be used as the primary account. Transfer all of your files and folders to the new account to make it your primary account.

 6. Scan Your System Files with System File Checker

To fix the issue Windows key not installed properly, do a system file checker scan. Your operating system’s files can get corrupted at any time. This interferes with the smooth operation of your operating system. Using a system file checker to detect these corrupted files is a good idea.

Follow these procedures to run a system file checker scan:

Step 1: Go to the task manager first. Navigate to File > New Task to start a new task.

Step 2: A new window will appear. Enter cmd into the command prompt. If you check the box, this task will be created with administrative capabilities.

Step 3: Type sfc /scannow into the command prompt window and hit Enter.

Step 4: Restart your computer after the scanning is finished. You can resume working on your computer once your problem has been resolved. If the problem persists, you will need to open the command prompt. Use the DISM/Online/Cleanup-Image/RestoreHealth command to restore your health.

Check to see whether the problem has been resolved. If the problem persists, you can attempt the alternative solution.

 7. Remove Incompatible Keyboard Drivers

Inappropriate keyboard drivers can cause the error Windows Key Not Working. To resolve the issue, uninstall the incompatible keyboard driver and replace it with the appropriate one. To do so, simply follow the steps below:

Step 1: Press the Ctrl, Shift, and Esc keys at the same time to bring up the task manager. Then go to File > New Task to create a new task.

Step 2: Type devmgmt.msc into the open run dialogue box, then press Enter. A device manager window will appear.

Step 3: Locate and expand the keyboard area in the device manager from the list. To uninstall the keyboard driver, right-click it and select uninstall device, then uninstall.

Step 4: Restart your computer or, if you have a USB keyboard, unplug it and reconnect it. The drivers will be reinstalled automatically by Windows. Check to see whether the problem has been resolved.

8. Use a Powershell Command 

Powershell is a command-line programme that may be used to uninstall Windows 10 components. Powershell has been reported to fix the problem by certain users. The steps to use the Powershell command are as follows:

Step 1: Press the ctrl, shift, and Esc keys at the same time to launch the task manager. Then go to File> Create a new task.

Step 2: Choose PowerShell and check the box next to ‘create this task with administrative rights.’ Then press the OK button.

Step 3: Type and hit Enter in the PowerShell window.

Get-AppXPackage –AllUsers | Add-AppxPackage –DisableDevelopmentMode –Register “$($_.InstallLocation)AppXManifest.xml” for each $($_.InstallLocation)AppXManifest.xml

The error of Windows keys not working will be addressed once this procedure is completed. You should use this Solution with caution. Your operating system may be affected by a PowerShell command.

As a result, you should establish a new System Restore point so that if something unexpected happens while utilising this solution, you can use Powershell commands to restore your operating system to its previous state.

 9. Restart File Explorer or Windows

Restarting your computer or file explorer is a quick and straightforward way to resolve the error Windows Key is not working. Use the procedures below to relaunch File Explorer:

Step 1: Press the ctrl, shift, and Esc keys at the same time to launch the task manager. In Windows, go to the process tab and type explorer.

Step 2: Next, right-click on the explorer option and choose End Task. Then, from the File menu, select Run new task.

Step 3: Type explorer.exe into the opening dialogue box and hit Enter.

Check to see if the error has been addressed.

10. Disable The Filter Keys

When the filter keys are turned on, they might sometimes generate the error Windows Key Not Working. So make sure your Filter Keys are turned on or off. If they’re turned on, turn them off to see if the error Windows Key Not Working goes away. To turn off the filter keys, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Open the Start menu and pick Settings from the drop-down menu. Scroll down to Ease of Access in the Settings menu.

Step 2: Next, select the keyboard tab, which is normally found on the left side of the screen.

Step 3: Locate the filter keys by scrolling down. Turn off the filter keys.

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These were the ten most well-known solutions for the Windows Key Not Working problem. I hope this solves your problem. If the problem persists, you can seek assistance from a nearby repair shop.