Netflix Error Code UI-800-3

Netflix Error Code UI-800-3

Users continue to be frustrated by the recurring “Error UI-800-3,” which has been reported on nearly every Netflix-compatible device.

In this article, we’ll go through some of the potential root causes of the error and offer some potential fixes that should get rid of any remaining issues you’re having with the streaming service.

Method 1: Simply Restart The Streaming Service.

The problem may be remedied by simply restarting your streaming device. For this, we will try the following method, which entails turning off the device entirely for a few minutes before turning it back on.

Netflix Error Code UI-800-3

Step 1: Put an end to your live broadcasting right now

Step 2: Turn off the television and the streaming service.

Step 3: Please wait a few minutes.

Step 4: Connect your streaming device and TV to its respective ports.

Step 5: Initiate TV viewing by switching it on.

If you’ve already tried this and it hasn’t fixed the problem, you can continue on to the next remedy.

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Method 2: Don’t Forget To Log Out And Reset Your Preferences.

Your streaming device’s instructions will apply here. In the event that you are unable to sign out of your streaming device, you should first try to reset all of the settings. If, however, you can log out of your streaming service, please use the steps outlined below.

Step 1: Visit

Step 2: To sign out of all devices, access the settings menu and make the appropriate selection.

Step 3: Attempt logging back into the machine and seeing if it helps.

Method 3: You Need to Delete The Netflix App’s Cache.

After a device is powered off and back on, its cache may be cleared automatically. After attempting the first solution, your cache will be emptied automatically if you are using one of these devices. Even if your device doesn’t support clearing the cache, you can try these steps:

Try the following on your Amazon Fire TV or Fire TV Stick:

Step 1: To access the home screen, use the menu button on your Fire TV controller.

Step 2: Go to Preferences

Step 3: Select the menu option to take control of your current app setup.

Step 4: Open up Netflix on your device.

Step 5: Make sure to choose to delete all records.

Step 6: To start over, choose Clear data again.

Step 7: It’s best to select Clear cache.

Step 8: You should temporarily disconnect your Fire TV from power.

Step 9: Reconnect your Fire TV to the outlet.

Your Fire TV or Fire TV Stick’s cache will be cleared.

In order to use a ROKU player

Step 1: Put five presses onto the home button on your remote.

Step 2: To make one jump, hit the up arrow once.

Step 3: To use fast rewind, hit the button twice.

Step 4: Select the double-tap fast-forward option

Step 5: There will be a restart of the Roku.

Method 4: The Netflix App Must Be Reinstalled

If the issue remains, it must be within the Netflix mobile application. If you’re using one of those devices that doesn’t support uninstalling apps, you’ll be stuck with it forever. If the device allows it, though, reinstalling the programme might be the answer.

Step 1: You can access the device’s menu by pressing its menu button.

Step 2: Select Netflix from the Installed menu.

Step 3: To remove the programme, select the Uninstall button.

Instead of continuing to use the Netflix app, you should close it and start over from the error message.

The Netflix app’s UI 800 3 issue appears when the programme is unable to load required modules into memory owing to a momentary problem. In such a case, it’s worth trying to restart the Netflix app using the instructions provided by the error notice.

Step 1: Open the Netflix app, and when the Netflix error message appears, click More Details.

Step 2: Next, scroll down until you see “Reset Netflix” and select it.

Step 3: After that, you may try relaunching the app to see if the UI glitch has been fixed.

Step 4: If it doesn’t work, go back to the error message box and select Logout under More Details.

Step 5: Sign in to your Netflix account and see if the UI 800 3 error has been resolved.

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Reboot the Network Devices from a Cold Start

An intermittent disconnect between the device and Netflix’s servers could result in the UI error 800-3. In such a circumstance, it is possible that power cycling the network hardware (router, extenders, etc.) will restore normal operation.

Step 1: Turn off the router and disconnect it from the wall.

Step 2: After 5 minutes, reconnect the power to the router and turn it on.

Step 3: The next step is to open Netflix on your device and ensure everything is functioning properly.

Step 4: A Roku or other streaming device, TV, and router should all be turned off if this is the case (if in use).

Step 5: Then, disconnect the gadgets’ power cords from their wall outlets and wait 5 minutes.

Step 6: Turn on the router and reconnect the devices’ power cords.

Step 7: Turn on the TV and the streaming device after you’ve successfully rebooted the router.

Step 8: Open Netflix once more to see if the UI 800-3 error has been resolved