8 Best ‘Ustream’ Alternatives To Use In 2024


What real-time video streaming services will consumers and small businesses maintain after Ustream, Inc. quits the market? IBM has formally announced the acquisition of streaming video startup Ustream for around US$130 million, putting an end to speculation.

The acquisition is thought to be a part of IBM’s new cloud video services division. Braxton Jarratt, the CEO of ClearLeap, Inc, was bought by IBM in 2015 and has been chosen to manage this new cloud services branch.


Ustream, ClearLeap, Cleversafe, and Aspera are the four acquired companies that will make up the new division. Using the IBM Cloud suite, the acquisition hopes to strengthen the company’s video solutions for corporate customers.

It’s unclear whether the Ustream service will be discontinued following the acquisition, but if it is, there are various Ustream alternatives listed below. It has the ability to bridge the gap.

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Alternatives to Ustream 

Take a look.

1. YouTube Live Streaming

Although YouTube may be the last place you think of when looking for a live streaming alternative, this feature has been available since 2011. The active user will receive a URL to publish the software publicly with all the details after setting up the account.

Users can then stream games, news, music, tutorials, sports, and any other information they choose to share. Broadcasters can also use the service to connect with viewers, personalise audio/video, monetise shows through advertising, and create reel videos, among other things.

2. Streaming

Users can watch or stream live video streaming using Livestream LLC. Local real-time news, sports, music, conferences, and other events from across the world are available to users.

Users can broadcast live from their smartphones, tablets, connected cameras, laptops, or PCs, and can view live video feeds on live streaming websites or apps.

Users can also invite others to watch live streaming by sending a link via Facebook, Twitter, email, and other social media platforms.

Users can follow persons in the live broadcast and receive notifications when they live stream using iOS and Android devices, as well as Roku, Inc. set-top boxes. You are free to watch the live stream without any restrictions.

3. Twitch.tv

Justin was the prior name for Twitch (Twitch Interactive, Inc.). Twitch has grown to become one of the most popular gaming social media platforms and communities in the world.

Every month, it hosts 1.7 million individual channels, with over 100 million viewers tuning in to watch and discuss video games. Game developers, publishers, journalists, events, casual content providers, and the entire e-sports industry are all targeted by Twitch.

Twitch offers iOS and Android apps that allow users to view and discuss about live or on-demand videos. Chromecast may also be used to stream live broadcasts from mobile devices to a large screen.

4. BamBuser

Bambuser AB is a Swedish firm founded in 2007. Bambuser is a platform that allows mobile devices to stream video in real time.

Bambuser expanded its focus to B2B products in 2014, offering brands, enterprises, and application developers mobile real-time video. The headquarters of Bambuser are in Stockholm, Sweden.

It has many levels for various streaming media needs, ranging from free personal accounts to levels with varying watching time and audience ranges, as well as player and page customisation.

The Bambuser Iris platform, which allows you to integrate live streaming video into your mobile application, is available to iOS and Android app developers.

5. Facebook Live 

Facebook Live was made available to users on December 8, 2016. It was first intended for celebrities to use so that they could share their daily sports with their fans. Before the end of the year, the live streaming feature began to be rolled out to more significant clients.

It’s as simple as upgrading one’s status to use Live. After tapping on Update Status, tap on the Live Video Icon. In addition, choose who can view your stream by writing a brief description of the motion.

Customers may see who’s tuned in, the number of visits, and real-time comments while streaming. Unless the Live video is erased, it will be uploaded to a user’s Facebook Timeline automatically.

Customers will view videos from friends and prominent figures they follow on their news feeds, and if they enjoy the live action, they may subscribe to be notified when a new video is posted.

6. Periscope

The Periscope app is a real-time resource for those who want to stay up to date on protests and other social events happening across the world. Periscope, which is now owned by Twitter, Inc.

Allows users to broadcast real-time video to other parts of the world while also notifying supporters when the video goes live. Live steamers can also be interacted with by leaving comments and sending hearts.

Users can choose whether or not to provide videos for later watching at the end of the live show. Periscope is an amazing tool for streaming live video anytime, anywhere, and is accessible for Apple iOS and Android.

7. Meerkat

Meerkat allows people to broadcast live video from their smartphones. Users can connect their Facebook and Twitter accounts once they’ve registered and broadcast live to their subscribers as soon as they get online.

Users can stream directly to their Twitter followers using the app. The subscriber will be notified that the live video feed has begun when the user goes online.

However, replays are not possible with this app. Meerkat allows you to watch programmes from your Meerkat collection. Viewers will be able to rewind any programme, and anyone will be able to watch any programme on the Internet.

Viewers can interact with the real-time video feed and provide comments, and you can even regulate the user’s stream if necessary. Meerkat is an app that can be downloaded for both iOS and Android.

8. Blabbering

If you enjoy listening to other people talk, Blabby Bebo may be the perfect option for you. It’s best to think of it as a live chat show among friends. On the split-screen, the user can make a real-time video call with up to four individuals, and the audience can listen in.

This may be a great way to start an argument among friends, or simply a funny way to talk about anything as long as others are included in the conversation. Blab is exclusively available for the iOS platform.

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The eight top alternatives to Ustream in 2021 are listed above. These are some of the greatest live streaming websites selected from the plethora of options accessible.