Sim Not Provisioned MM#2 Error {Solved}


SIM card has not been activated. The MM#2 error is one of the most common errors that occur in today’s technologically advanced world.

If you’ve recently purchased a new phone or even a new SIM card, you’re likely to encounter this issue. If you were talking to a friend and subsequently dropped your phone, the SIM not provided MM#2 message may appear.

The SIM card was not activated. The MM#2 Error will make emergency calls the sole option available. You won’t be able to contact anyone but 911 if you have this problem on your cellphone, which sounds dreadful unless you actually want to call 911!


If you don’t know about this problem, it might be very frightening (until you get a new SIM) because it disables most network connectivity functions. Sim has not been provisioned. MM#2 nearly puts your phone in aeroplane mode (approximately).

Other phone functionalities, on the other hand, will continue to work. Knowing about this issue might be useful, and it will also provide you with the necessary knowledge of technical jargon relating to the SIM.

What Does MM#2 Mean When A Sim Isn’t Provisioned?

SIM card has not been activated. When the SIM is not registered to the network (i.e. the SIM is not active), is suspended from the service provider, or is not identified by your phone, the MM#2 error occurs.

There is no need to be concerned if you have purchased a new cell phone or SIM card. Your SIM card hasn’t been activated yet. In this instance, you have two options: wait 48 hours after purchasing the replacement SIM or contact your service provider if the wait is longer.

If your SIM was working perfectly before suddenly becoming unusable, there are two possibilities. The first possibility is that your SIM card is dead (perhaps because it is too old) and so inactive.

Another possibility is that your SIM card has been suspended by the network operator. This could be as a result of a request from you to switch from prepaid to postpaid service, or as a result of a request to change your number to a new SIM card and transfer all of your contacts to the new SIM card.

The causes could be various, but they all lead to your service provider inactivating or deactivating your SIM. The service provider authorisation system may be temporarily unavailable for a variety of reasons, or you may be beyond your carrier’s coverage area with no active roaming agreement.

How To Fix The MM#2 Sim Not Provisioned Error

Take a deep breath and let go of all your anxieties. This post will show you four simple solutions to the SIM not provisioned MM#2 issue. Because there’s a way where there’s a will.

1. Restart Your Device 

Before making any technical modifications to your device, it’s usually a good idea to restart it and see if the SIM not provisioned MM#2 Error is still present.

It is the most commonly utilised phase because it is the simplest to perform and execute. Rebooting your device can help it run faster and cure numerous network-related problems.

It also frees up space and clears your RAM, giving your gadget a much-needed boost. Restarting clears your boot memory, provides you a new interface to work with, and clears any basic errors all at the same time. If the SIM not provided MM#2 issue still exists, continue to the next step.

 2. Ensure That The Sim Card is Properly Adjusted

This issue is frequently caused by the phone’s inability to correctly read the SIM card. This can happen if the SIM card is not properly inserted, necessitating some assistance. A faulty SIM card holder can possibly be the source of the issue.

Step 1: Remove your SIM card from your phone and turn it off. By referring to the little icon near the holder, try putting it back in the SIM card holder and making sure it fits correctly and firmly.

Step 2: Double-check to make sure it is fully inserted and does not protrude from the SIM card holder slot. Check whether the SIM not provisioned MM#2 error has gone away after restarting your phone. The MM#2 problem of SIM not provided should have been resolved.

Otherwise, try putting the SIM in a different phone. If the problem remains, proceed to the next step.

3. Contacting The Service Provider 

Contacting the service provider can be very beneficial since they will be able to supply you with all of the specifics regarding your SIM card, as well as information about the SIM card not provided problem.

They may also be able to offer some remedies or resolve the MM#2 SIM not provisioned issue. To troubleshoot the SIM not provisioned MM#2 problem, follow their instructions.

 4. Transfer Your SIM 

If the service provider’s assistance failed to resolve the SIM not provisioned MM#2 problem or they were unable to provide any support, you may free port your SIM to another service provider.

Your SIM will only be ported to a new service provider during this process, and your phone number will not be changed.

To port your SIM, you’ll need a UPC number, which you can get by texting your phone number to a specified number (which often varies from one service provider to another but mostly it is 1900).

However, visiting your service provider in person and completing all necessary steps to get your SIM moved to a new service provider is the best way to go.


The troubleshooting solutions provided will ensure that your job is completed and that the SIM Not Provisioned MM#2 Error is resolved. Patience can be very beneficial at times, and you should never lose hope. The best things in life, after all, require time.