10 Best Sites Like ‘SideReel’ to Watch Free TV Series Online


What if you’re a movie buff seeking for a platform where you can stream TV series and movies? You’ve found the right article, I’m glad to say. To access content offered on the platform, one must pay membership fees.

Despite this, there are a number of platforms out there that allow their customers to stream content on their platform. Our SideReel platform solves the problem of not having to pay a fee and still having access to the material.


It’s possible to stream a wide variety of TV series and movies from SideReel’s extensive library. For the convenience of the viewers, the content is offered in a variety of different languages.

One can find a large variety of web series on the platform, in addition to television shows and movies, as well.

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The Top 10 SideReel Alternatives for 2024: 

There is, however, a problem with these free-to-view sites that don’t charge for their content because of difficulties like as piracy and data security. This leaves customers with no choice but to pay for the memberships of the platforms that are still operational.

This list of 10 best sites like SideReel for free online streaming of TV episodes, movies, and web series in 2021 is provided to help viewers save their hard-earned money while also giving them additional options.

1. Watch Series 

Watch Series is the first entry on our list. ‘Watch Series’, as the name suggests, is a place to watch series.

Right! Aside from the jokes, it is a well-known site where people go to watch TV shows and series online. As a matter of fact, it doesn’t keep any data on its own servers at all.

When a user selects a show to stream, they are sent to a third-party server that stores the content. Aside from the fact that the site is free to use, the content is routinely updated to ensure that visitors don’t miss out on any new episodes or releases.

2. TVMuse.Com

TVMuse is the next item on our list. Besides TVMuse, another excellent choice is SideReel. Streaming your favourite TV series for free is possible on this site.

The answer is a resounding “yes.” It doesn’t charge any form of membership fees, so anyone may access its massive library of titles and watch whatever they want for free.

There is a right-side navigation bar with links to Home, TV listings, Movies, Request with ease, and others for the benefit of site visitors. The TV shows are given a brief description so that the viewers may make an informed decision about what they want to watch.

3. Tubi TV

Tubi TV is the next option on our shortlist. Tubi TV is a good platform for streaming material, including movies, TV shows, and series, to your computer or smartphone.

Among the 12000+ titles on this site are films, television shows, and other forms of entertainment. Streaming on this platform is absolutely risk-free because it is a completely legit platform, and the site will not be banned for any reason.

There are no membership fees or registration requirements for the platform, which is a huge relief for many people because they can just log on and select the item they want to watch without having to go through any of the formalities.

The content is also well-organized into several categories, such as new releases and others, making it easy for users to browse the site and find the information..

4. ShareTV

As we continue down the list, we come to Share TV. Share TV is a good option for people who want to watch stuff like television shows. Its user interface is straightforward and easy to navigate.

The website provides users with such advantages as the ability to stay up to date on the episode release schedule, making it impossible to miss an episode with the aid of it. Full-length episodes can be streamed for free thanks to HULU’s official distributor status.

5. Hulu

Hulu is next on our list. Hulu is a household name by now. Hulu, a streaming service based in the United States and owned in large part by Walt Disney, is a little-known fact.

People also utilise it to stream content from numerous TV shows and series, making it a popular platform. Full seasons of the show and other currently airing shows can readily be found online.

Users can always find the latest releases thanks to the platform’s continuous updates. However, access to the information requires a small membership cost, which is understandable given the high quality of the stuff on offer.


TV.COM is the next site on our list. TV.COM is a streaming service that allows customers to watch a variety of television programmes and series.

In addition to streaming, this platform offers a variety of intriguing articles for those who like to read rather than watch. It also provides a list of titles that one can use in order to solve the problem of what to watch next. Definitely, it is worth a try

7. Flixtor

FlixTor is the next service we’ll be looking at. FlixTor is a popular platform for watching movies and television series on the internet. Apart from streaming online, this site also allows the users to download content which they may utilise for offline viewing.

The collection of the title that this platform has is large which offers the users with a good quantity of alternatives. In addition, the layout is extremely user-friendly and straightforward. Once a person begins streaming on one platform, they won’t look for a different one.

8. CBS Television

CBS TV is the next item on our list. SideReel viewers have a second option in the form of CBS TV. Movies, television shows, and other information can be streamed using this device.

In addition to long-form television shows, it also broadcasts a variety of webisodes. The UI is also quite straightforward and user-friendly. It is also free to use.

9. USTV Now 

USTV Now is the next service we’ll be looking into. It’s possible to watch TV programmes and series on this site. It also provides the ability to watch live television shows. This platform has an easy-to-use UI, and it’s also free to use.

10. A Few Favorite Shows on FOX

Fox Television Shows round out our list. It’s a terrific option for those who want to watch free TV programmes on their computer. Users can choose from a wide variety of genres and subcategories of material on the platform, including entertainment and a slew of others. Yes, I think you should go.

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People who are interested in streaming their favourite material may benefit from reading this article. Sincerely, thank you for your time.