9 Best Alternatives to ‘KickassTorrent’ to Use in 2024


This is the best and most popular torrenting and file-sharing service, KickassTorrent (KAT). The term “torrent” refers to a method of obtaining files from the internet. This can be used to download any type of material, including movies.

However, it differs from a conventional download in that the file is kept on peers rather than the server. Some governments have outlawed this practise. In July 2017, the US government confiscated the KickassTorrents domain name.

Copyright infringement charges were filed against Artem Vauline, the owner of this website. The guys behind Katcr.co has just established the KickassTorrent website, making it accessible to everyone.


Peer-to-peer file sharing and link attachment are both possible on this website. After the pirate bay was shut down, a major piracy hotspot was created on a peer-to-peer file-sharing network.

Movies, TV series, software applications, and more may all be found here. This site is in the top tier of the most popular websites.

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KickassTorrent Alternative

Torrents are not the only way to download files these days. Below you’ll find a list of some of the most exciting options available right now.

1. The Pirate Bay 

It is the most widely used peer-to-peer file-sharing network, which provides access to thousands of torrents. You can download a wide variety of media types via the Pirate Bay proxy, including movies, tv series, ebooks, apps, video, audio, and sports.

It’s an online database of entertainment-related digital content. There are 35 languages to choose from here. Users can search for, download, and share files through this website. Piratbyrn, a Swedish think tank, created the website on September 15, 2003.

In the case of the Pirate Bay, the site’s founders were sentenced to one year in prison for their involvement in copyright violations. Some nations have prohibited access to this site, but there are always other options on the internet, and it was just updated.

If for any reason you are unable to view this site, you may want to check out some of the others that are available. It can be accessed through a user’s Internet service provider.

2. 1337x

As a result, 1337x is one of the most popular sites for finding and exchanging used torrent files, as well as magnet links. Useful for sharing huge files over the internet, this site is There are a variety of options for downloading movies, games, television series, and apps.

3. Zooqle.com

There is an online torrent and magnet link on this website that is mostly used for downloading and P2P file exchange. A major part of its popularity is due to the fact that it is considered the greatest place to verify the file.

Movies, video games, short films, and music may all be found here. This is on TROYPOIN’s list of sites. Free games, TV episodes, movies, and more may be found on the site, which delivers unlawful content. Virus-free downloads are available at this site, which is completely safe for consumers.


RARBG Torrent is the newest proxy/mirror site of the year 2021. Torrent files and magnet links are also provided for your convenience. It is legal to illegally download high-definition (HD) Hollywood movies.

Since many countries have outlawed torrenting, this is one of those. Denmark, Portugal, and the United Kingdom are examples of countries. However, the company’s founders are making a comeback effort. On 17 January 2021, this page was last updated.

VPN (Virtual Private Network) security is required to access this site. It has an easy-to-navigate UI. It’s widely regarded as one of the best online destinations. Nowadays, everyone uses torrent sites to get media files such as movies, television series, games, and other types of entertainment.

5. iDope

It’s a free torrent search engine and downloader that’s run illegally. It makes it simple and quick to go to torrent links. Deluges can be viewed on the web by visiting the iDope site. It’s got a great feature for downloading.

To make search results available to customers. All of the latest HD movies, video clips, mp3s, web series and TV shows can be downloaded for free.

The illegal torrent is a danger to your computer or laptop and should be avoided at all costs. If you’re looking for an alternative to torrent sites like KickassTorrent, look no further.

6. The LimeTorrent

An excellent substitute for KickassTorrent. A collection of files is what makes up a lime torrent.

It includes minimal ad and nuisance features and a mirror/proxy site that always works. It has been prohibited in the United States, Europe, the United Kingdom, Australia, Italy, Norway, and India as of this writing.

It has been updated in 2021 and is still functional now. LimeTorrent is a fantastic alternative ifKickassTorrent Kickass Torrent is unavailable in your location. Proxy sites and the TOR Browser allow you to get around this.

LimeTorrents 2021 is your starting point, after which you may use the search box to look for whatever it is you’re looking for to download. Download torrent movies, TV shows, music, and software by utilising a proxy site or ToR Browser and following the simple instructions. It has an easy-to-navigate UI.

7. ExtraTorrent

Peer-to-peer transactions allow you to download a wide range of media, including video, audio, games, music, movies, photos, software, and more.

Many countries in Asia have outlawed torrenting sites, including those in India, Pakistan, Nepal, and the rest of South Asia in general. For the first time, it’s using a new URL/domain.

It has since resurfaced as a well-known KickassTorrent Site following its suspension. Fortunately, it has returned to normal across the board. This site’s unique feature is that it allows you to post your own material.

On this website, you’ll be able to watch newly released movies. You can use it from anywhere in the world, regardless of location, state, or nation, and get the most out of its speed and content. No pop-up adverts are displayed on it.

8. Torlock

It is possible to download files quickly and for free from this website. Many features, such as content, search, and the user interface, are available here in plenty. It is prohibited in the United States under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. However, the good news for users is that it is currently in operation.

Using a VPN, anyone can get their hands on the latest games, movies, and apps for free. Ads are a nuisance on this site, and an account is required. Sites like these may be less popular than others, but they nevertheless have a lot to offer.

9. DownloadZilla

Movies, games, plugins and software can all be downloaded with this torrent search engine. An easy-to-use and powerful downloader for all kinds of files, such as the most recent movies and games. Torrentz2 is a magnet link-based alternative to Torrentz.

Uploading files over the internet is possible with this application. Torrentz2’s original domain has been taken offline. Using a VPN is essential if you want to gain access to it. It will keep you safe from hackers as well. You can access it from any location where you are a citizen.

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Millions of people visit the KickassTorrent (KAT) website each month. Many countries, including the United States, India, Nepal, and others, have banned this site. Since 2016, this website has been coping with legal concerns..

Copycat and money laundering charges were brought against its owner by the US government. The new version of KickassTorrent Alternative is increasing in popularity because to its impressive set of features. In order to get things back on track.

Visit these sites using VPN security to ensure your online safety if they have adverts or require an account. It’s possible to download movies and games here.

This is a place where you can download torrents for free. KickassTorrent isn’t the only torrenting site out there, but it’s not the only one that is reliable. This website gets a lot of attention.