How to Fix ‘Discord Update Failed’ in Windows 10

Discord Update Failed

Do you possess a discord account that you are unable to update? If you are facing a similar situation, then need not worry as it is the most often problem faced by people.

Despite Discord being an excellent way that allows gamers to interact and coordinate gameplay and share the milestones of the game, it has been reported by numerous users that the update of Discord could not be done on Windows 10. What you need to do in such circumstances will be discussed in this article.

Discord Update Failed

How to Fix Discord Update Failed Error

Don’t you know why the Discord update is getting failed on your Windows 10 PC? Discord is the most commonly used chat apps, which provides various features to the user. However, for providing various services to the user, numerous resources and app permissions are required.

Thus, the updates to be downloaded are being suspected by the PC in case all such permissions are granted. It is done chiefly in order to maintain the security of system programs and Discord files. You can try any one of the given methods below to resolve the error of failed installation or update on the Windows 10 PC.

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Method #1 Disable Windows Defender

Is Windows Defender activated on your Windows 10 PC? If yes, then we recommend you to try updating it by disabling it for a while. Windows Defender is the in-built antivirus on every PC which blocks malicious sites.

But what happens sometimes is that the appropriate files are also being considered as hazardous one by it. Thus, turning OFF the Windows Firewall may allow you to update the Discord. Follow certain steps in order to disable Windows Defender.

Step 1 – First of all, go to Cortana Search.

Step 2 – What you need to do next is to type

Step 3 – Once found, click on it to run it.

Step 4 – Now, select Windows Security after choosing ‘Go to Update & Security.’

Step 5 – Then, select Virus & threat protection from various options available.

Step 6 – Further, you need to choose Manage settings.

Step 7 – Later on, disable the Turn on real-time protection button.

Step 8 – Finally, close the Settings after saving the

Now, check if the update could be performed after performing the above steps. Even if any of the Discord clients get updated, we suggest you activate real-time protection again. On the other hand, certain steps could be performed for unblocking all incoming connections in Windows Defender Firewall.

Step 1 – First of all, go to Cortona Search.

Step 2 – What you need to next is to type Firewall and Network Protection.

Step 3 – Once found, click on it to run it.

Step 4 – Now, the active network connection needs to be opened.

Step 5 – Then, deselect Block all incoming connections which are present in the Windows Defender Firewall.

Step 6 – Finally, deactivate the firewall.

Is the Discord update error fixed now? If not, we suggest you try Method 2.

Method #2 Disable your Antivirus

Is third-party antivirus installed on your PC? Then, it might also lead to the update error, as per the numerous reports. There are various antivirus programs available in the market which takes extra caution of malicious items. Hence, they lead to an interruption in the process by even blocking the appropriately fine files too. You can try updating it by following the respective steps.

  • First of all, open the software.
  • Now, deactivate disable protection.
  • Then, update the Discord app.
  • Once it is done, activate the disable protection again.

Important: It is suggested to use the antivirus, which not only provides you security 24*7 but can also easily the difference between safe files and malicious files. One such antivirus available in the market is Auslogics Anti-Malware, which always provides relevant results. Also, the flexible scan scheduling, prime protection, malware detection algorithm, and clean interface is provided by it.

Inspect if the Discord update error facing has been sorted out. If your error has not been resolved till now, we suggest you try another method.

Method #3 Update as Administrator

There occur various circumstances in which the administrator-privileges are required to update. If you have not provided the administrator-level privileges, it’s better to provide them and then try updating it. The certain steps will help you in updating Discord as an administrator.

Important: Have you set your mindset to proceed with this method? Halt for a while if you have any Discord process running on your PC. If the process is being run, go to Task Manager and deactivate all the Discord-related processes.

Step 1 – First of all, you need to open the browser or Windows store from where you wish to update the Discord.

Step 2 – Once opened, select Run as Administrator by right-clicking on the file. This will initiate the update process.

Step 3 – Finally, let the update be installed, ignoring the warning message.

Examine if the error forthcoming has been rectified. In case it is not solved, step-up to Method 4.

Method #4 Install to a Different Folder

Is your issue not resolved by following any one of the methods above? Then, you can try installing Discord to a different location than earlier. I don’t know how to install it at a distinct location. Just follow the given steps.

Step 1 – First of all, search for the location where Discord is installed.

Step 2 – Once found, cut it from there.

Step 3 – Then, go to any other location and paste it.

Step 4 – Further, initiate the update process.

Step 5 – Finally, select the new location in the install wizard to update it.

Check if the Discord has been successfully updated on your PC. In case it is not, then try out Method 5.

Method #5 Rename Update File

Do you know that renaming the updating file can also solve the issue? Yes, this is because sometimes the PC gets confused between the names, due to which update could not occur. You can follow certain steps for renaming it.

Step 1 – Firstly, File Explorer needs to be opened.

Step 2 – What you need to do next is to type %LocalAppData% in the path field.

Step 3 – Once the Local subfolder is opened, look for the Update.exe file in it.

Step 4 – Finally, try the installation after renaming it.

Is the error message being popped up even now? If yes, then proceed to the next method, which will definitely solve the issue.

Method #6 Reinstall Discord

If you have tried all the methods given above and nothing works, then the ultimatum option left is to install the entire Discord again. But before installing it again, you need to uninstall the previous version already installed. The following steps will help you in re-installation.

Step 1 – First of all, back-up the Discord data which you need in the future.

Step 2 – Now, delete Discord entirely along with its associated files and folders.

Step 3 – Then, open the official website of Discord in your favorite browser.

Step 4 – Finally, initiate the installation after disabling all the protection software available on your PC.

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We hope that the above-mentioned methods might have solved your issue. In most cases, the error gets solved either by disabling the Windows Defender or by Antivirus on your PC. However, if this is not the case, the above-specified methods will definitely solve your problem.