‘Discord Text Formatting’ Guide: Colors, Bold, Italic, Strikethrough

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How to Guides

Discord is a digital distribution and instant messaging network. People have turned to Discord to locate their communities and connections. It allows you to have fun while staying in touch with your pals via text, audio, or video chat. It also ensures your safety by keeping your chats private.

It has recently evolved into a fantastic resource for mental health support. Discard is available in 30 languages for free. We’ll go over all of the formatting options in Discord in this article.

How to Guides
How to Guides

This article will cover the fundamentals of Discord Text Formatting. You need to know what engine it utilises before we can break down the formatting methods for you.

Discord makes use of a small yet clever engine that runs in the background and formats the text we write. Markdown is the name of this engine. It makes the plain text bold, italicised, underlined, and so on.

John Gruber and Aaron Swartz founded the organisation in 2004. Discord recognised the engine’s potential and modified it.

Before we go into the basics of formatting, there’s one more thing you should know. Discord also makes use of the Highlight.js module, which highlights your writing. As a result, the highlighting is more of a code block highlighting.

Let’s get this party started right away.

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In Discord, How Do You Format Text?

We’ll show you how to write text in bold, italics, and underline in this article. As a starting point, we’ll go over the fundamentals before moving on to the exciting stuff.

In Discord, How Do You Bold Text?

You only need to follow one simple step if you want your text to be written in bold letters.

Two asterisks are used to begin and conclude the text. Asterisks are the same as (*). You’ll find the symbol on the number keys on your keyboard. To make your text bold, use “Shift+8.” Here’s an example of what I’m talking about:

An example of **bolded text** is shown below.

How To Italicize Text in Discord (Create Slanted Italics)

This procedure is very similar to the one before it. You’ll need to use an asterisk once more to make italics. Instead of two, you’ll only need one on both sides this time. The keys are the same as well; on your keyboard, press “Shift+8.”

Here’s an example of what I’m talking about:

An example of *italicised text* is shown below.

In Discord, How Do You Make Bold Italicised text (bold + italics)?

It is also possible to make the text bold and italics in conflict. This time, instead of one or two asterisks, you must use three. To retrieve the result, type asterisks at the beginning and end of the text. An illustration is shown.

An example of ***bold italicised text*** is seen below.

In Discord, How Do You Underline Text?

Only two underscores are required to make your text underlined. (_) is the underscore. This key is located on the symbol keys section of the keyboard. Two underscores are used to begin and conclude the text on both sides. This strategy is demonstrated in the following example:

An example of __underlined text__ is shown below.

In Discord, here’s how to make strikethrough text.

To make strikethrough text in Discord, simply press the tilde keys. This is how the tilde keys look (). On the beginning and end of the text you type, use two tilde keys. The key is located on the right-hand side of the number key “1.” To make a strikethrough text, press “Shift+.”

On International Keyboard Layouts, Formatting

Because international keyboards differ from English keyboards, it is important to understand where the symbols are positioned. We show you a layout for international layouts, as well as a suggestion for where an asterisk might be placed.

Shift+[+] (key right of Ü) in German

Shift+[+] (key right of'(Spain) or'(Latin America)) in Spanish

* (key right of ù percent) in French (France)

Shift+$ (key right of) in French (Belgium).

Shift+3 in French (Switzerland)

Shift+[+] (key right of èé) in Italian

Shift+’ (key to the right of) in Swedish

No matter the layout you pick, this will give you an idea of where the asterisks are.

Using a Combination of Text Formatting Options Even 

Discord also offers the ability of blending text types. You may make bold, italics, and bold-italics out of the underline.

Below is an example of each of these.

Text that is italicised and underlined

One asterisk and two underscores on both sides are required to make your text italicised and underlined.

“__*italicised and underlined text*__,” for example.

Text that is bolded and underlined

Use two asterisks and underscores on both sides of your text if you want it highlighted and bolded.

“__**underlined and bolded text**__,” for example.

Text that is italicised, bolded, and underlined

You’ll need three asterisks instead of two to get the text underlined, italicised, and bolded, and two underscores on both sides of the text.

“__***underlined, italicised, and bolded text***__,” for example.

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To summarise, Discord is a fascinating app. Typing is even more entertaining. If you’re new to this app, you’ll find that you’ll need this article far more than you expect. So bookmark this page right now and have a fantastic time.