3 Ways to Fix Error Code ‘0x8007000D’ in Windows


The error 0x8007000d which you receive on your Windows is a very common error code. You may looking for the solutions to get rid of this error so that we have provided you a list of three solutions to fix the error code 0x8007000D.

By going through these solutions you will surely able to fix the error code. Windows is an outstanding operating system. This operating system has become most favorable for a lot of users.

Windows contains many creative tools and it provides a user-friendly interface in comparison to other platforms like Ubuntu platform. But the fact is Windows is not that error free as you can sometimes have errors on your Windows.


As you know that all the good things have some downsides so this also has a downside of having errors. You already know that these error codes are so much irritating and it comes again and again.

One of these error codes which you are surely receiving on your Windows is 0x8007000D. This error mostly occurs at the time whenever you are trying to download any of the critical updates or sometimes when you get unable to finish your update which was in the progress.

Most commonly the error code 0x8007000D appears when your updater tool tries to access the code module or a piece of software that is corrupted or deleted due to any of the reasons. Any reason may cause this error but the solution to get rid of this error is a little bit straightforward.

So let’s go to our best three solutions to fix this error code in your Windows operating system.

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How to Fix Error Code 0x8007000D in Windows

It contains a list of the top 3 most effective ways which will help you to fix the error 0x8007000D in your Windows. Sometimes you may receive this error in your Windows and may look for the solutions so we have provided this article.

Method 1: Use Windows Troubleshooter

You can take the help of the Windows update troubleshooter in order to perform the scan of the system.

Follow the steps given below to do so:

Step 1: First of all press the combination of keys Win+Q in order to search Windows update troubleshooter in query menu. If no search is visible then it may possible that it is not installed in your system. In this case, you have to visit the official website to download the troubleshooter then run it.

Step 2: It can also be find in the listed troubleshooter software by clicking on Control Panel then System and Security. Now select the update troubleshooter and click on the option Fix problems with Windows Update.

Step 3: Now go to the tab “Advanced” and click on the option Run as administrator. Mark a tick on the box Apply repairs automatically.

By doing so, scanning will automatically get started by troubleshooter to find out the issue in your system update. You just have to keep patience and wait till scanning gets completed. You have to fix Windows Update Service first if it’s not running. This issue will fix quickly but if still you are receiving the error code 0x8007000D then we have two more solutions listed below. You can go through them to fix the error.

Method 2: Reset the PC

Sometimes, some of the missing files may not which needs updates are not that much easy to get fixed. Therefore if there is nothing important saved directly in your PC, then it’s our suggestion to reset your PC for better results.

We hope that you have a backup for your system so that it can get restored after deleting. If you haven’t set any backup in your PC then unfortunately all you settings and data will get wiped off after restoring the PC.

In case, you don’t know the steps for refreshing your PC then you just have to follow the steps which we have given below:

Step 1: First of all go to the settings and click option Change PC settings which is present in the start menu.

Step 2: Now go to the tab Update and recovery then select the Recovery option.

Step 3: Now select option Refresh your PC without affecting your files. Keep in mind that if anytime you have upgraded your old version PC to a new version ie Windows 8 or 8.1 to Windows 10 version then by doing so it will be back in the older version as it was. The update will needed to be get installed once again manually after getting refreshed and that can be a little bit annoying. But this will help you to get rid of the error code 0x8007000D.

Step 4: Now follow the instructions which is provided on your screen to complete the refreshing process of your PC. After getting done, your PC will finally get booted up as it was when there was nothing saved in it. You just have to keep some patience during the process to get completed. You can make some coffee and enjoy it with some music in this time and wait until the Windows operating system gets updated to its former situation.

Refreshing the device works in maximum cases to get rid of almost every issue and error codes. These issues may happen if there exists any of the third-party critter which may mess and trigger the error.

So, one of the most easiest solution is to remove every unwanted programs from your PC and preserving those who are wanted. This is the plus point of refreshing your PC although you have a better network connection.

If you are having an ultra-slow network then it’s just like a nightmare. So let’s move on to our next solution.

Method 3: Whip up some commands!

We are pretty sure that you know a little bit about the command prompt and you may know that command prompt is one of the tool which is epic and influential present in the system of Windows operating.

If you don’t want to refresh your whole PC which insecurity of loosing some important data and going through the long process so you can go through this method it will surely work for you. So let’s go to the steps.

Step 1: First if all you have to go to the search bar from the windows system then put command “cmd” and search it. By doing so, command prompt result will appear on your screen. You have to right click on it then click option Run as administrator.

Step 2: Now put the following command without any mistake or you can copy and paste it from here. Don’t forget to hit the Enter key after each line.



Step 3: After putting the given commands, you can now close your command prompt.

The two commands which we have provided above will scan the windows operating system if available and the updates boot which are soon to come.

Now restart your device for once to make the newly made changes effective before you are going to download your updates again.

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In this article, we have mentioned a list of three solutions to fix the error 0x8007000D which you may receive in your Window. All these solutions are very effective to get rid of this error and you can go through the article to find out one solution which will fix the error in your case.